More cancer, biopsies and follow up…

Went to see my Gyn/Onc last week for my 3 month follow-up…about 2 weeks beforehand, I felt “off”…unable to decipher this off feeling, I just went with it and knew I was seeing the doc & would (hopefully) get answers. Then I got this “fluttering” feeling a couple of times, radiating upwards from my “lady bits” and I remembered them from before I got diagnosed…hmmmmm

He found a couple of tiny lesions, and instead of waiting and having them done at the hospital under anesthesia, I was a brave (& in hindsight stupid, really!!) – and had him do them in the office!!! Holy crap! That hurt! They told me 2 weeks for results and I drove home, sore as hell and cursing all the way! I mean really, I coulda had a perfectly painless procedure and been legally stoned at that!

Headed to FL on Tuesday and even if I swore I wasn’t going to call them, I did anyway and left a message this afternoon – aaaaand, they called back, biopsies showed VIN III, which is pre-cancerous and often referred to as Cancer stage 0. There are a few things they can do for that,  surgery –  a lovely procedure called a vulvectomy…don’t ask, you don’t want to know. Then there is laser removal and the jury is very much out on that one. The last is topical creams…not hearing good things about that and I am thinking I’ll go the surgical route – my Gyn/Onc is VERY aggressive and I KNOW he’ll do what’s best for me and try to stop this from becoming invasive.

So, for about 1/2 hr I had a tiny pity-party, had to collect my thoughts, and of course share on FB with all my family and friends – now, I’m ok…I’ll deal the same way I’ve dealt for little over 2 years now – whatever is thrown at me, it’ll work out.

I’ve come to the sad realization that I will have to live with the possibility of this happening on a regular basis, be vigilant and keep seeing my Gyn/Onc…but, I’m still alive & I’ll keep fighting to stay alive! Somebody has to share the “positive” aspect of cancer…and there are many, really! I need to stick around to help others, “gently” remind them to get their check-ups and mammograms (ok, not so gently, I’m like a pit bull with a bone!!)…sucks to be us, but we hafta take care of ourselves!!

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