I’ve always collected…well, that’s not quite true – I didn’t until about 20 years ago – I didn’t like anything my mother brought back from her numerous travels, her Murano glass, her Japanese dinner set…I was all about “less is best” and didn’t buy stuff in places I lived, I think I have like 3 things from my 2 years in Greece that I carried with me over the years! But, after I got married, started putting down roots (& discovered eBay) – I started to enjoy “stuff” – from things that reminded me of my grandmother and mother, to miniature booze bottles (I still have over 400 packed away) – the chase to find them became the thrill and I spent H O U R S searching for the best deals and neatest finds! I even drove to Canada once to pick up an auction I won – try explaining to the border guards what you’re doing with 25 miniature booze bottles!! The rest came from various stores, various countries and from various friends.

Then I went through a period of no collecting…only bought new, enjoyed what I had…some packed away, some displayed – until we moved to AL, got a new house and then my aunt sent me a link on to a group on FB and the damage was done! And this time around I’m having some serious fun finding deals – they all tell a story, they all have a connection to something, a place, a person and a memory! I’m primarily hunting for Scandinavian Retro, but, also have a few Italian pieces added in – I’m obsessed with 60′ & 70’s stuff…Cahrineholm, Gustavsberg, Figgjo, Egersund, Porsgrund…I decided to collect only a few pieces from each manufacturer, I SO don’t need 80 pieces of enamelware and what is the fun in that, really? When I can have a bunch of different pieces I can look at (dust) and admire! After I found Pinterest, Etsy and eBay my wallet has never been emptier and I have never had more fun! I know my mother is sitting up there, laughing – ’cause I was under NO circumstances going to collect anything! Come to think of it, I have become my mother! 🙂 From her collecting of shiny things to her love of high heeled shoes – throw in gardening, travel and love of food and yup, I can see her in pretty much everything I do!

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