Blogging…is it for me?

With so many thoughts running through my head on a daily basis, I’ve thought more and more about blogging – hubby does it, friends do it, hell, half the world does it – so why not!

A little background on me…I’m a 49 year old Norwegian/Brit, who came to the US in 1993 after I met and fell in love with a GI named Greg! Before that I lived life pretty much traveling and living…everywhere! Life started out in Norway, but brought me to the UK when I was only 16. After the UK, I traveled around A LOT!! Lived in Greece, back in Norway, Canada, Holland, Germany and that is where I met the love of my life! I was under NO circumstances going to marry a GI and move to the land of the big BX, but, life intervened and I ended up in Montana for 7 long and miserable years! True love I tell ya!

We got orders to FL and lived there for a few years before Greg retired and we moved to Virginia, the hot-bed of government jobs and we spent 10 years there before ending up in Huntsville, Alabama – the best kept secret in the world! We’ve been here for just over a year now and this is where we’ll stay – we have a great life, a great house – trying to stay alive and healthy!

This blog will cover some of the past, some of today and whatever happens in the future – since I haven’t blogged before, it’ll be trial and error and I am sure I’ll change EVERYTHING in the next few months!

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